45 MINUS 30


withinside whose whims what hows what ises

whatabouts foment things genuine good here

foam or dunk and dock in depression pits gist

much muck of bitter grievous galling gravy yea

the witeless the windcheater a basket toes know

somes be wordish woopies weller off teller types

be some pallid hasty faces seen gutter punk worthy

worship sacred precinct war wall red bricks there wail

phase haze clogs room 9 bubble girls string vanity beads

sit table indie of means wanton widows scant clad slow chewly

last skin left young lovers late in autumn this weed bistro bleats

smell sour a cowtown milky with weavers windsocks barley barely





reprimand my Portuguese



but excuse my French


trous du cul

set perlocutionary honey traps

give to grave over

sticky mendozas ride a spanglish fly

an auto tune sings unfelt heartache

corporate owns the bones of music

connect yet the extended dots

they orbit denser haunting whys





i liked it more

when the days blinked

but missed nothing

the sky showed honest

tipped its cap drifting by

feel the real sun hung yellow


that was

before the 1st water war


before plasma clouds raped our souls

all wired up





send in the clones Miss Trial

the sentence has begun

hat back beat world hop dead

acid jubilee voodoo gone eat itself

wrapped in rare puritan patriot duds

your unlucky casino rulers run done

rudgy rampant from rectum rectories

want to wipe their cans clean & crave

a complete access mambo push start

that will never succeed


touch up their most recent illusions

with screen memories of your choosing

would you

set tangoreceptors at full gallop space

circle the scene & log the

meanings of things not to be mentioned

electric avian soul collectors arrive

vacuum packed from tau ceti in less than six hours





i overstand

the complete physics of my fuckups

elegant be they have for i stood under

their implicate orders rent asunder

wide from as heart to head

its whys massaging its hows


resolutions will return

to a different dock from when the journey began

for a catharsis


the melodies bop free

the unified clarity

is my hat laying

in a corner of schrodinger’s floor