45 TAKE 30


withinside whose whims what hows what ises

whatabouts foment things genuine good here

foam or dunk and dock in depression pits gist

much muck of bitter grievous galling gravy yea

the witless the windcheater a basket toes know

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last skin left young lovers late in autumn this weed bistro bleats

smell sour a cowtown milky with weavers windsocks barley barely





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extension explosive sensors spread from

urgentfield ideas align m waves roll swift 

over swirlcone the fourth declension pod

of things that woke upon greenhands dot

the random slow suspicious hours despite

are elsewheres make for smiles fillfull outer

ways inside a ruby haze breathe deep more

antigrav cycles immersed crisp tintal organic.





__you’ll need fullclips



those words discharge large metal pellets

enter late

bring persuasive evidence

wear a demonstrative

posture /


your efforts




a chance at redemption.



in the hollows are


\\ more questions dead on

arrival at another drone

theatre carny afterparty

hosted by the guy with a

readme a bedtime

storyvoice so soothing

for the bludgeoned

 psyche crowd in plastic

 white helmets their dry

eyes droop fixed on rot

of piecemeal partitas

that hang beside neatly

arranged suicide vests \\





\\ future war steal millions

problems strafed you after hopes

betrayd baller tears dry in tincultist

cups shelf life once upon panda dreams

the ride tickets repeat replicas waste

a surplus keeps the game lazy

gag order bullhorns get to sharp

 important cargo is stowd backside

silvermoons wary of the self

examining itz responses__





give me energy of gesture /

the language about the thing


change units


in the face


a way to bop thru eternity


disquisitions flash 3 useless pieces


dialectic dicking’s better left on

pointd mountain peaks

never to recover.