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your last shots come corrupt


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eternal into distance




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Split Dictums


Nothing i hate more than weed that doesn’t arrive~

The ballad too laid in polyatomic ions>and you

want a podium conferral<contra dent re up to whisper.

His nail drives second pervers while brushed and broke.

Went sage mediation to keep eyes from the words>their

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Pick red occult utility>finish night out there<slump on a corner

balcony. This next morn to know interrogative high maintenance.



Lay away from sucks sewn eight years to each grating<if as

i’m unaware red big draw steam blows. Pactolian she ponders

her arkansas break apart gone key for that million dollar rump of reel.







Provenance was no

more than his story

hooded morn rides

the mad blue horse

summer again chases

   after lip tickets like a river.


Spite swells your room

a single wig spread across

cheap foam memories

sneers scale the fonts &

smiles dangle from women’s necks

the mountain already in my hand.




2nd sifter


By now the avant drags its troops’ asses thru the woo and

this entire rock turns on cp time making a name for itself in a brown

paper bag. Vomit trends with usury boots. Please rhyme away from

jagged holes in the even surface of voice. They are weighty illusion

of which squeal familiar figures from the fraudpan fried hard<wear

a floppy pedantic for coldpink Ali in chaffy repeat motif shift to

percepts<sell the exit. All and sundry at uppermanagement

keep score>more inky zones untappd they scan.







A street blazed by laser continues

frets rock holler tap fingers the shore

here and throw serves no sarcode

many returns about to get smoked

the ebb is patient

the thoughts that clouds burn





Eyes flunk the skin<

beat by too many stripes

than mend mimics

dead solutions in square time

waterways the clowns gas

for early iron victory laps

pushflat to stay red analytics

arrive at no useful accounts

neuroleptics innervate through

no one’s ever done me 1 solid

brickstop last grub hurls

to wrong addresses

angry shadows leap to ceiling

your pulse unnotices war

here this sun is smashed.




Ag 5


care your allodoxia bubbles twitch pink amygdala vapour lock

from where hair runs out the creases |

pussy’s slowest way to heaven pinch to a nonadjust |


catches their heads in its teeth


that it ticks potshot arrows ping phone screens

splat on philosophers’ spit glues over stones colder |


same old out to get the mail

that worms kiss mercy mongers


diaspora my pachyglossal ass

___the meta metric strangled in corded silk