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standing space arms jitter twe

some u see sit bulldog beach

bedlam benches press four

heat dive disc box famers

trade rampant ignorance

for pit service tofu sleep

put all purpose sorrows

in the head of one yon fo

action sock monsoon vet

bitter release so do recall

diet assd ur ear arc darkly





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how we end thru each fleeing now wrappd firm our lifewear reasonz

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pull luck from plastic battle shop vision bags ironies goodgiven

by activist affricates whose best intentions grip

their exit tickets to demise





paris partays in perfumed evening peace chains

her karmic hostage blowback era

anxious voodoo women at the hotel caron

translate my rhythmz intentions


who coverd numb in shellshockd senses

will drink tonightz sound

a calm lasting elixir


i need u here

& i wont forget

to tuck an inch of ur smile











past poster goddess dismountd

flies buzz round top her head a sugar crown

adornd shabby circus bloodbread she adores

adult lazy ales somewhens clap her football applause

feet glide toplofty in the slow weak city

each nite east to the bridge ska cops made her watch

mothmen rape roast daughter eaten


this nite


the hungry waiting ground

her last stick of grief

lights a way back





never big on neighbors

cast no judgements

help out need two hands

a brain if calld for too

dont care to see the toys

or watch the game hifive &

shed tears drink eight beers

make over those kiddy cuties

dont talk any small talk

that portal to nosyness might

try & climb itz way up all my ass





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world on speakerphone harelip hazy gazey

seduction spread fox paint360 bid an escrow

for tension meadows stealthy danger clicksale

fastfoam frozen passion crash wagon cash trash

at least breathing crickets have managed

to recharm cocoa and are boxing late