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the fulldecker hitjob

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forward base airfury

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1500 hrs

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another day deeper hell

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shaking stoppd

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pick a wet nostril


ill never take that hill

want to be twenty again

going on thirty


come now

sweet anoesis

need you





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psychobiologic habanera slow grind


such promise remains


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groove cut this moment to catch my edge scent

ill behaved

be have an active notice

chemical compression emotives / arise morphogenic negotiations

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revise the critical

massaging to lustre


hauld heat

trouble removing product defective

from the martyr closet





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baptised on a savage terrace above dank terrain

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rich words

neither praise nor abuse

user clients

often radiant guest joeing

flapping laps

in noble polishd village rooms

at least worthy of some past elite backstab

surely some freakydeak dealyocity

one must wonder


they sit stiff upper

edible balloons their yummy simplys oflate

dimply dearly dimply


rich words

shit in their stems

when they see

poor words

stroll past their porous gates