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// 5 bucks for coffee &

dry cara scoops

their late icy

laughter shoved


unrelated tangents

ping palaver sport

declare decay

stupid from a high

whitemoon dawn

with a pimp grin

lyric among operas

of stabback

this that the

piss between pals

never dries

opaque virals

twist darker hues

put them cold

on tier 1

influencers at

 mutuality zones

of manipulated

habits cross any


meat siren


passion punts.



About a. edward watkins

With the exception of 2 years study of western music theory and harmony- I am a self taught percussionist, writer and abstract painter. Not your drummer boy drummer - not your writerly writer nor the painterly painter. Creativity is an integral aspect of my existence - as it is for us all - in some form or another. My experiences in life have informed and shaped my world view profoundly. I am the disrupter - the never quite satisfied - the relentless creator of word, sound and image. I question the answers and question the questions.

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